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Access to State Parks, Recreation Areas, Historical Parks and Some Wildlife Refuges in Nebraska

Explore Your State Parks

Browse all of the State Parks at the Nebraska Game and Parks Website,

 or find out more about a specific park:

Indian Cave State Park

Platte River State Park

Mahoney State Park

Niobrara State Park

Smith Falls State Park

Ft. Robinson State Park

Chadron State Park

Ponca State Park


Search for a State Recreation Area:

        (At this site you can choose a State Recreation Area, see pictures and read about it.)


Search for a National Wild Area in Nebraska:

        (At these sites you can see pictures and read about national wild places in Nebraska.)


1. Agate Fossil Beds 

2. Scottsbluff National Monument

3. Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge

4. Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest

5. Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge

6. Valentine National Wildlife Refuge

7. Nebraska National Forest at Halsey

8.  Niobrara National Scenic River

9. Homestead National Monument

10. Oglala National Grasslands


Search for a State Historical Place

        (At this site you can choose a state historical place, see pictures and read about it.)


Search for Some Wildlife of Nebraska

         (At this site you can choose an animal, see pictures and read about its life cycle, habitat in Nebraska and whether it is threatened or endangered.)


More About the Flora of Nebraska

Wetland Plants

Prairie Plants by Regions

Native Trees of Nebraska

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Nebraska's Wild Places
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