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Nebraska Wildlife Week 2011 is Sponsored by:

Rowe Sanctuary

Greening Our Schools


The Nebraska Department of Education says our state has about 1,250 public and private schools and 24,000 teachers serving 295,000 students. Nebraska schools are the place where most Nebraska youth learn much of their information about fish, wildlife, and our natural world.


Our 2011 Wildlife Week educational materials focus on the opportunities to bring nature to the classroom door through outdoor classrooms; make our public and private schools better models for sustainable energy, water use, and recycling; improve environmental education curriculum; and involve the community in making positive changes. If you have a creek or pond nearby, Adopt a Stream may also be a good fit for your school. Throughout these pages are links to organizations, materials and web sites that focus on ways to engage students in the natural world and improve your school.  


We also invite Nebraska 4th, 5th and 6th grade students to enter our annual Wildlife Week Poster Contest. Our poster contest is based on the theme, "Wildlife Moves Me to..." and is designed to get students thinking about the actions they are inspired to take because of wildlife. See the new 2012 Wildlife Week poster contest information here. 


Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center is an 808-acre tallgrass prairie nature preserve located 20 minutes southwest of Lincoln. With miles of hiking trails, native prairie, ponds and wetlands, a diverse assortment of birds and other wildlife, and even historic nineteenth-century wagon train ruts, the Center provides education programs on site year-round. More here...


The Central Platte Natural Resource District works to protect groundwater and surface water, reduce flood threats and soil erosion, create and protect wildlife habitat, and educate children and adults to use natural resources wisely. The District's territory stretches along the Central Platte River from Gothenburg to Columbus. It provides grants for outdoor classrooms and environmental education activities, participates in the Nebraska Children's Groundwater Festival, supports the Adventure Camp about the Environment, and helps teachers attend training sessions. More here...


The Ian Nicholson Center at Audubon's Rowe Sanctuary is located on the banks of the Platte River, at the heart of the Central Flyway. Each year in March and early April, the Sanctuary hosts tens of thousands of Sandhill cranes, ducks and geese migrating north. The Center provides unique, experienced-based education for school classes as well as families. The Center's web site also provides programs that help teachers bring outdoor learning to their classroom. More information here... 


The United States Fish & Wildlife Service is the federal agency charged with responsibility for the National Wildlife Refuge System, the federal Endangered Species Act, and in general fish and wildlife at the federal level. In addition to federal Wildlife Refuges in Nebraska, the Service operates a Nebraska Ecological Services office in Grand Island. More here...


The National Wildlife Federation is now the United States host organization for Eco-Schools USA. This international program helps students, teachers and communities green their school inside, outside and throughout the curriculum. NWF also has a Schoolyard Habitat Program that helps schools make a place for wildlife in their schoolyard. More here...


Special thanks to the following for their support of Wildlife Week 2011:


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