Wildlife Week 2018: Nebraska’s Endangered and At Risk Species

Man has severely degraded our natural environment. Many of our streams have been dewatered and unable to support living creatures. Our rivers have been dammed. Most of our tall grass prairies have been plowed under. Wetlands have been drained and filled. And woodlands have been bulldozed into a pile of rubble. Many of our native birds and animals are barely surviving.

For these reasons, the Nebraska Wildlife Federation has chosen Nebraska’s Endangered and At Risk Wildlife Species as the theme of our 2018 Wildlife Week Poster Contest to make the public aware of those who are living a very fragile existence.

Parents, teachers, and specifically, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students in the state of Nebraska should take note that the state has some 80 species that are at some risk of being lost. This is according to our Nebraska Natural Legacy Program. Some examples are: whooping crane, burrowing owl, swift fox, and spotted skunk.

You can celebrate Wildlife Week Nebraska by learning about Nebraska’s Endangered and at risk species, where they live, and how to conserve them.

Teachers can celebrate Wildlife Week Nebraska by checking out ideas for relevant curriculum activities. Try Introduction and At-Risk Animals  and  At-Risk Games and Activities. Other ideas are available through Nebraska’s Natural Legacy Program.

Teachers and individuals can also submit entries in our 2018 Grade 4-5-6 Wildlife Week poster contest. So we invite students in those grades to gather up their art materials, plug into their creative sides, and bring these creatures to life on paper! The deadline for our 2018 Grades 4-5-6 Wildlife Week poster contest is approaching! Posters must be in our office by Friday, March 30, 2018. See more here: Wildlife Week Poster Contest Rules 2018 .

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