Public Policy

We work to bring good science to public policy decisions that impact our natural resources, and to help policy-makers understand the impact of their decisions on Nebraska’s wildlife and wild places.

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 Protecting Rivers and Wetlands

Nebraska’s rivers and wetlands could be our state’s greatest, and most underappreciated, natural asset. They provide habitat for great flocks of migrating ducks, geese, and cranes; provide a home for fish, frogs, river otters, and beaver; and water thirsty deer and elk. They maintain the great Ogallala aquifer, supply water for crops and livestock, and drinking water to cities like Lincoln and Omaha.

Nebraska Wildlife Federation is working to protect Nebraska rivers and wetlands, and to restore our state’s aquatic habitat. We helped negotiate and now help oversee the Platte River Recovery Program, are supporting protection for remaining flows in the Niobrara River critical for wildlife and recreation, are working to restore habitat in the Missouri River, and support programs that protect and restore our disappearing wetlands. With pollution impacting nearly all of Nebraska’s major rivers, we support water quality programs to make our rivers and lakes swimmable and fishable again.

Promoting Clean Energy

The Federation is at the center of a growing network of wildlife, farm, civic, and community organizations working to move our public power electric utilities towards clean energy.  Clean energy solutions like energy efficiency, wind and solar will reduce pollutants that sicken people and wildlife, and reduce carbon pollution driving global warming.

Clean energy solutions will also reduce the huge flow of energy dollars out of Nebraska, and build stronger, more resilient communities. Omaha Public Power District and Lincoln Electric System are leading the way, but we have much work to do.

Supporting Sound Farm Policy

Over 95% of Nebraska’s land is privately owned farm and ranch land. Healthy wildlife populations in our state depend largely on habitat on those farms and ranches. US Department of Agriculture conservation programs provide over $150 million per year to help farmers and ranchers improve their land stewardship.

The Federation supports strong Farm Bill conservation programs. We support policies and programs that promote sustainable farming and ranching, and that better protect native prairies and wetlands.

In the Legislature

We support policies that protect our rivers and wetlands, and promote sound wildlife management. We work for funding for our State Parks and wildlife areas, and support the acquisition of additional public wildlife lands. We support programs that improve water quality, provide for better water management, and ensure access to public lands and waters for people who hunt, fish, hike, boat, and enjoy nature.

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