Wetlands: Nebraska’s Wildlife Magnets

Wetlands provide enormously productive wildlife habitat.

They provide easy access to water for deer and other land animals, and water that amphibians like frogs need to reproduce. The supply of water at and just below the surface can sustain lush vegetation, and that vegetation provides food, cover, and nesting for a bevy of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

Ducks and geese – millions upon millions of them – use Nebraska’s wetlands as they migrate north for the summer, and south for the winter.

Unfortunately, at least one-third of Nebraska’s historic wetlands have been drained or destroyed.

In some parts of the state, like the wetlands along the Platte, and the Rainwater Basin wetlands in central and eastern Nebraska, more than 90% of the historic wetland acreage has been destroyed

Federal and state law provide protections for wetlands. The Federation has supported proposals to clarify where and when federal Clean Water Act protections apply. We are strong supporters of the federal Wetlands Reserve Program, which provides incentives for landowners to protect and restore wetlands on farms. We also support other state and federal funding for wetland protection and restoration.

Visit the Game & Parks Commission for more information and to see the Commission’s Guide to Nebraska Wetlands.