State Legislature

State and Local Issues

STATELEGISLATUREnebraska-state-capitalUNLNebraska’s non-partisan, unicameral Legislature presents unique challenges and opportunities to influence state laws. Every bill introduced is required to have a public hearing, and must go through three stages of debate before final passage. The open process of legislative action, and the lack of closed-door conference committees that characterize two-house legislatures, makes the Nebraska legislature very accessible to the public.

Critical decisions made in the state legislature that impact Nebraska fish and wildlife include water policy, funding for wildlife and other state environmental programs, game & fish policy, and environmental regulation of water and air quality. When the Legislature is not in session, legislative committees hold interim study hearings to explore solutions to problems.

Nebraska Wildlife Federation provides information at public hearings, contacts legislators and the Governor on key wildlife issues, and cooperates with conservation, environmental, and other organizations.

Our free Wildlife Action Network [link: our Wildlife Action Network page] provides regular updates on key issues that impact fish, wildlife and wild places in Nebraska.

Where there are Federation members with an interest in local wildlife, land use planning, and water quality issues, the Federation will provide advice and support to help them be effective advocates at the local level. The Federation was instrumental in promoting a Greenprint for the Lincoln/Lancaster County area, which was carried out by then-Mayor Don Wesely’s administration and which now helps guide zoning and land use decisions.

We are currently working with a network of individuals and groups in Lincoln, Omaha, and out-state Nebraska to craft and promote clean energy plans for public power electric utilities.

It’s easy to get involved: just contact the Federation office and let us know you are interested in being an advocate for Nebraska’s wildlife and wild places!