Wildlife Week 2019

Wildlife Week Poster Winners

Awards for the 2019 Wildlife Week Poster Contest will be given Saturday, March 30, at the Prairie Building at Pioneers Park Nature Center, Lincoln, at 12:30 pm. This is in conjunction with Wild Adventure Day.

The winning posters may be seen by clicking below:

Fourth Grade Winners       Fifth Grade Winners     Sixth Grade Winners

Wildlife Week 2019: Wildlife in Nebraska’s State Parks

Since the dawn of the machine age, man has put our native wildlife on the run. Our native prairies have been plowed with less than 1% of our tall grass prairie surviving. Our wetlands have been drained, with the comment being made that they are useless mosquito breeding areas. Our streams have been dried up, and our rivers have been diverted, dewatered, and dammed. Because of climate change, the polar ice cap is melting at an alarming rate. We may soon lose the polar bear as a result. The land ethic that noted wildlife conservationist Aldo Leopold espoused, therein man cares for land and wildlife as a whole, has not evolved. The World Wildlife Fund found that global populations of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles declined by 58% between 1970 and 2012.

But there is also some good news. Our national parks, national wildlife refuges, and in particular our state parks have provided an oasis for our native wildlife—a place where wildlife habitat is preserved and maintained. This habitat provides the essentials for the needs of our wildlife species. This is the reason that the Nebraska Wildlife Federation has chosen Wildlife in Nebraska State Parks as the theme of our 2019 Wildlife Week Poster Contest.

Parents, teachers, and specifically, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students in the state of Nebraska should take note that Nebraska has eight state parks: Chadron, Eugene T. Mahoney, Fort Robinson, Indian Hills, Niobrara, Platte River, Ponca, and Smith Falls. You can celebrate Wildlife Week Nebraska by learning about the wildlife that can be found in these state parks.

Teachers and individuals can also submit entries in our 2019 Grade 4-5-6 Wildlife Week poster contest. So we invite students in those grades to gather up their art materials, plug into their creative sides, and bring these creatures to life on paper! Entrants should indicate which state park(s) is (are) depicted on their particular poster. The deadline for our 2019 Grades 4-5-6 Wildlife Week poster contest is approaching! Posters must be in our office by Monday, March 4, 2019. For contest rules and information look at Wildlife Week Poster Contest Rules 2019. For more information look at Wildlife Week Background.