13th Street Pollinator Flyway

Nebraska Wildlife Federation teams up with local leaders to create the 13th Street Pollinator Flyway!  

Fifty-nine permanent planting beds along 13th Street, beginning at R St. and ending at the Lincoln Mall (which runs over to the Justice Center), will be filled with native flowers and grasses to support Nebraska’s pollinators and beautify our city. The project will begin in late April and will be celebrated during Pollinator Week, June 17-23, 2019.  Additional events will be held throughout the growing season.  Informational signs will be placed along the route to help visitors learn about pollinators in peril and the ways native plants and landscapes can support them. 

Help us protect pollinators, educate Lincoln, and beautify our downtown streets with an 8-block long, flower-filled urban garden.  Get involved by volunteering to help plant the beds, scheduling to take or lead a tour of the route, having a booth along the route during Pollinator Week, or making a financial donation to support the project!

To read a letter for environmental advocates, please click HERE.

To see the promotional handbill, click HERE.

Check back here for updates on the progress of the Flyway.

For more information, contact nebraskawildlife@windstream.net or via NEWF voicemail 402-477-1008.

To make a donation to the 13th Street Pollinator Flyway, you can use this form.

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