Energy Issues

Husker Energy Plan

Clean Energy Nebraska released the Husker Energy Plan, a state clean energy plan for Nebraska, in January 2018. Former NeWF Executive Director Duane Hovorka wrote the plan together with clean energy supporters, stakeholders, concerned citizens and advice from energy consultants. Since its release, NeWF Clean Energy Advocate Matthew Gregory has been promoting the plan, engaging with the major electric utilities, and presenting it to various groups.

A year into its release, we are happy to report that the renewable energy benchmarks that the plan calls for are well on their way to being met. As for energy efficiency, we are still advocating for efficiency programs with electric utilities, local governments and the Legislature. As technology emerges and is perfected we look forward to being in a position to close Nebraska’s coal units.

You can download the revised plan HERE and the revised report from the energy consultants HERE.