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Monarch & Pollinator Gardens

Monarch butterflies are in trouble, but you can help! Monarchs are an amazing butterfly, they migrate several thousand miles from the Great Plains and other parts of North America to a small forest in the mountains of Central Mexico for the winter. The butterflies lay their eggs on milkweeds — and only milkweeds — which are vital to their survival. Over the past 20 years, loss of native prairie, milkweeds and good habitat have combined with increasingly effective pesticides and other factors to reduce Monarch populations by 90%.

Nebraska Wildlife Federation is holding free workshops to teach Nebraskans how to make a place for butterflies and other pollinators, and we are working to establish Monarch and Pollinator Demonstration Gardens to show people how to make help Monarchs in their own backyard.

If you would like to volunteer your time or to ear-mark a contribution for a particular garden site, contact the Federation office at (402) 477-1008, or email  You can also mail a check to our office at Box 81437, Lincoln, NE 68501.

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