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Wildlife Week 2020 Poster Contest Winners Selected

We held the poster judging on Thursday, March 12, right about the time the state and country started to close down due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Whereas we had originally planned to hold an awards ceremony on April 4 at Pioneers Park in conjunction with Wild Adventure Day, this did not happen since the event was cancelled.  We remain hopeful that an in person awards ceremony can take place before the start of the 2020-21 school year.
You can see the winners in the various categories by clicking below.

Legislative Update

LB 283 – General file, McCollister Priority Bill
LB 855 – (Niobrara Council appointments by governor no longer will need approval of legislature — repeals provision in a bill passed in 2016). This bill was rolled into a “Christmas tree bill”, LB 858, which went to select file on 2-25-20; to E&R 3-6-20. Natural Resources Committee Priority Bill. NEWF opposed this bill.
LB 863 (Limit NGPC land ownership): no action taken as of 3-6-20. NEWF opposed.
LR 294 (Legislature acknowledge climate crisis and take moral responsibility). No action taken s of 3-6-20. NEWF supported.
LB 829 (Change tax provisions for NGPC land owned). No action taken as of 3-6-20. NEWF opposed.
LB 859 (change requirements for some NGPC commissioners). No action taken as of 3-6-20. NEWF opposed.
LB 860 (change NGPC districts). No action taken as of 3-6-20. NEWF opposed.
LB 1071 (adopt Wildlife Damage Recovery Act). No action taken as of 3-6-20. NEWF opposed.
LB 861 (“Ban on bans”). On general file with amendment 2-27-20. NEWF opposed.
LB 1072 (Authorize NRDs to issue flood bonds). No action as of 3-6-20. NEWF opposed.
LB 1201 (Create flood mitigation and task force). On General File 3-4-20 as amended. NEWF supported.
LB 1167 (Members of public must be allowed to speak at open meetings): no action taken as of 3-6-20. NEWF supported.
LR 288 (urge Congress and Corps of Engineers to prioritize flood control on Missouri as top priority. Senator Slama’s priority bill. Adopted 2-27-20 (43 to 1 — Senator Chambers dissenting) and signed by speaker 3-3-20.


50th Anniversary Celebration NeWF




Child Nutrition Reauthorization

As you probably know, we here at National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) are keeping an eye on Congress as they ramp up for the Child Nutrition Authorization (CNR). Two related marker bills, the Farm to School Act of 2019 (S. 2026, H.R. 3562) and the Kids Eat Local Act (S.1817, H.R. 3220), were recently introduced. Now we’re counting on grassroots support to get as many cosponsors of the marker bills as possible so that the changes make their way into the final CNR. Nebraska is a key state to affect change, and you can have a huge influence on your Senators.

Recently we finished up and sent out the CNR Grassroots Campaign Toolkit. I’d love to know if you’ve found this helpful in your efforts to reach out to Members of Congress, or in mobilizing your network. What tools have you found most useful and impactful, and what advocacy actions have you taken over the past couple of weeks?

As July comes to a close, we’re doing a major push to get these folks to sign on as cosponsors to our CNR marker bills! We’d love your help in making these asks to your Senators, and reaching your networks so they can also make these asks to your Senators. Here are a few ways to engage that we believe will have the most impact:

  • Phone calls to Congress:

This is a big one! We want your Senators to know how important it is that they are supporters of these two marker bills – and who better to convey this importance than the folks they are doing the work for. Hearing directly from their constituency the importance of cosponsorship will certainly provide a nudge in the right direction! Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to make these conversations happen and what they might look like:

  • Step 1: Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.
  • Step 2: Leave a message for your Senators and Member of Congress like this:

“Hi, my name is ____ and I’m a constituent and a ____ [farmer, parent, teacher, etc.]. I’d like to ask [your legislator’s name]  to co-sponsor two complementary bills that will help bring healthy, local food into our schools: the Farm to School Act of 2019 (S. 2026, H.R. 3562) and the Kids Eat Local Act of 2019 (S.1817, H.R. 3220). This issue matters to me because ____ [tell your story!]. Thank you!”

The more support for CNR, the better! The organizational sign-on letter allows folks to sign-on with their support for these two important marker bills! Signing on to this letter is an easy way for you and the folks you work with to show support and let Congress know that these issues matter to the people in their state.

Here is a nice, friendly, compact link for easy sharing purposes:

  • CNR Storybanks: 

I’m looking for folks in your state (farmers, educators, parents, advocates, etc.) that have been involved directly in farm to school work and might be willing to share their stories with me. Stories are key to conveying how important farm to school work is to kids, communities, and farmers, so we want to find a way to amplify these stories and show Congress just how important this work is. The stories may be highlighted in a blog post or other media, or in our advocacy work. If you have anyone you work with or know of in your state that might be willing to chat with me about the work they’ve done, it would be a more than welcomed connection!

It would be great to hear which of these feel most doable for you, or hear about what actions you have already taken on CNR!

Monarch & Other Pollinator Gardens

Monarch butterflies are in trouble, but you can help! Monarchs are an amazing butterfly, they migrate several thousand miles from the Great Plains and other parts of North America to small forests in the mountains of Central Mexico for the winter. The butterflies lay their eggs on milkweed — and only milkweed — which are vital to their survival. Over the past 20 years, loss of native prairie, milkweed and good habitat have combined with increasingly effective pesticides and other factors to reduce Monarch populations by 90%.

Nebraska Wildlife Federation is working to establish Monarch and Pollinator Demonstration Gardens to show people how to help Monarchs in their own backyard.

If you would like to volunteer your time or to earmark a contribution for a particular garden site, contact the Federation office at (402) 477-1008, or email  You can also mail a check to our office at 4547 Calvert Street, Suite 12, Lincoln, NE 68506.

Nebraska Wildlife Federation is dedicated to outdoor education, fish and wildlife conservation, and common sense public policy in Nebraska. We bring together people who hike, bike, canoe, hunt, fish, camp, watch and photograph wildlife, and enjoy the outdoors. Learn more about the Federation and Nebraska wildlife on this website. If you believe, as we do, that the Good Life Means Wildlife, we invite you to Join the Nebraska Wildlife Federation.